We nurture and shape all 360° of the advertising world and deliver superior results.

Creative strategy

It always starts … with a good idea. Based on your business goals, we prepare effective creative concepts that make your brand recognizable and visible in the eyes and mind of consumers you want to reach. Expertly designed visuals, corporate identity and copywriting are the foundations of any creative strategy and we are here to help establish it in order to build your unforgettable brand story.

Strategic planning

Are you planning to market a new product or services or do you simply want to market your existing services more effectively? We always start with a comprehensive strategy that includes competitive analysis, marketing mix (4P or 7P), SWOT analysis, broader economic and legal environment analysis. Only then can the brand be properly positioned and deliver optimal results.

Media planning and buying

To be visible, we need to be in the right place at the right time. Based on your goals, we prepare a media plan while taking into account all key indicators such as media reach and content relevance to ensure that your brand reaches the right audience – at the right time, in the right medium.

Digital Marketing

Searching, sharing, comparing, shopping, evaluating, informing, commenting are activities that consumers perform online on a daily basis. Integration of digital channels is therefore a mandatory element of any serious communication campaign. Whether it’s managing of advertising on social networks, optimizing websites, or running Google Ad campaigns, we’re here for you.

Event organization

We can organize the whole event for you, from the creative concept to preparing and organizing all the necessary documents and performers. Depending on the chosen concept, we will find the optimal location and provide all the necessary technical support for the implementation of an unforgettable event.


A key advantage of promotions and sampling is the direct contact between the promoter and the consumer at the point of purchase. Promotions are carefully prepared and promoters are always well informed about the brand and the product to ensure that the right message is delivered to the consumer. We can always tailor the concepts based on your wishes and goals – we organize simple samplings, as well as complex and interactive promotions that actively involve the consumer.


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